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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - PC performance graphics benchmarks of Graphics Cards

cod2 As part of a special counter-terrorism squad under the command of Captain John MacTavish, the player will take part in the most dangerous operations in various parts of the world: in the snow-capped mountains of Kazakhstan and the slums of Rio de Janeiro, in the sands of Afghanistan and even in the vast expanses of Russia.
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Demo - PC performance graphics benchmarks of Graphics Cards

avatar The game will tell about the first contacts between earthlings and the inhabitants of the beautiful blue planet Pandora. In the distant future, earthlings have exhausted the resources of their home planet and are now striving to take possession of the gifts not of the Earth, but of Pandora. The peace-loving Na'vi, the natives of Pandora, live without technology, in harmony in the beautiful world of wild nature.
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