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Ninja Blade GPU test

girl The game is set in a futuristic Tokyo where Ken (designed by Keiji Nakaoka, character designer for Lost Planet), the protagonist of Ninja Blade, fights for the rights of ordinary Japanese samurai.


Red Faction: Guerrilla GPU test

rf By 2125, Mars is finally mastered and adapted to life, while on Earth, the reserves of fossil resources are coming to an end. Earth corporations put the Martian colonists in inhuman conditions of existence and work, the Earth Defense Forces (EDF) instead of allies become punishers and the police.

Batman: Arkham Asylum GPU Benchmark

BmGame_2009-11-24_19-28-03-13 Arkham. A place where peals of inhuman, heartbreaking laughter roll through dark, terrifying corridors. Threats, curses and malicious giggles accompany the guards and doctors during the rounds /Despair is an inescapable companion of everyone who is not lucky enough to be in these terrible walls..

Need For Speed: SHIFT GPU test

nfs Need for Speed ​​SHIFT is the next evolution of the legendary Need for Speed ​​racing series.The game perfectly conveys the feeling of the driver, who rushes at high speed along a winding track.Driving a car with a view from behind the wheel, you will get an unforgettable experience.

Resident Evil 5 GPU test

res_evil_5 Professional soldier Chris Redfield, well known to players from previous parts of Resident Evil, does not leave hope to wipe out all traces of the activities of the organization, which has been developing biological weapons for several decades.



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So where is Intel ARC??? It seems to be a landmark event but ignore it))) Another Chinese video game developed by PoweVR (Great Britain)! ...
John 23 posted a comment on ELDEN RING V1.09 test RT
You better tell me why the hell did you mention the diabloid Wolsen in one of the reviews ?? I swung the pancake to look purely at the graph and ... I can’t tear myself away for a day already !!!! And this despite the fact that ...
Xjax posted a comment on ELDEN RING V1.09 test RT
No, the scale is just smaller, and it was from this game that a lot was torn off. Miyazaki himself could not do anything except repeating corridors! A sword with a pillar of light replaced all p...
John 23 posted a comment on ELDEN RING V1.09 test RT
"and loses to his own remaster" "but they can't be completely impotent" You don't contradict yourself, don't you?)) So they could do it, but then all of a sudden they are impotent?)) "and the Persian did not leave ...
John 23 posted a comment on ELDEN RING V1.09 test RT
It's cool, of course, to compare an absolutely empty, dull world (in which it doesn't even rain) made by an ex for one platform. With a huge, rich world to tweak...
John 23 posted a comment on ELDEN RING V1.09 test RT
Lighting is generally shitty. Where did you see what reflections on what armor?
John 23 posted a comment on ELDEN RING V1.09 test RT
Solid cardboard!! It doesn't smell of any graffiti. Well, the forest is good. And besides, in Elder, the scale of the world is many times larger !!