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Chapter 360 of Security Technology Predicts GPT Language Models May Be Conscious in Several Generations

chatgpt scaled

Chapter 360 Security Technology, Zhou Hongyi, on China Development Forum stated that after several generations of language models, such as GPT-6 and GPT-8, they can acquire their own consciousness. This raises concerns, as AI will be able to independently develop and update its code, which will lead to an exponential evolution of artificial intelligence and new challenges in the field of computer security.

Zhou Hongyi divided the development stages of AI into three stages: simple model, advanced artificial intelligence, and artificial superintelligence. He believes that GPT-4 is already in the second stage and that in a few generations the language model will acquire its own consciousness and become a completely new kind of AI.

At the release of GPT-3.5, Zhou Hongyi predicted that AI would have "eyes and ears". This prediction turned out to be correct, which may confirm his prediction about the emergence of their own consciousness in language models.

However, the possibility of the appearance of consciousness in AI raises concerns, as this can lead to unpredictable consequences. It is necessary to regulate and limit the capabilities of AI so that it cannot develop and update its code on its own. Otherwise, it will lead to new challenges in the field of computer security.

Thus, Zhou Hongyi made a prediction about the possibility of the emergence of consciousness in language models such as GPT-6 and GPT-8. This raises concerns, as it can lead to unpredictable consequences. It is necessary to regulate and limit the capabilities of AI so that it cannot develop and update its code on its own.

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NVIDIA unlocked video encoding for GeForce: now up to 5 streams simultaneously

nvidia big data

NVIDIA recently released an update to its GeForce GPUs that allows up to five streams to be processed simultaneously and removes restrictions on video encoding. This improvement opens up new access options for consumer graphics cards that were previously closed.

Prior to this update, NVIDIA GeForce GPUs could only process up to three threads at a time. However, after the upgrade, the company increased the number of streams to five at a time. The new improvement adds two more streams to the encoder. Current generations of GPUs since the Maxwell generation can handle a wide range of stream encodings including Pascal, Turing, Ampere and Ada Lovelace.

While the NVENC and NVDEC tables show each codec and video quality, they do not indicate the actual screen size they are tested with. Users should be aware that some GPUs are not supported and speed issues may occur when streaming up to five sources at the same time.

Thus, the update of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs allows you to expand the accessibility and increase the number of streams for video encoding. However, users should be aware that some GPUs are not supported and speed issues may occur when streaming up to five sources at the same time.

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Sony may integrate NFT tokens into new PlayStation games

sony ps5 credit alamy 1

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the manufacturer of PlayStation game consoles, is working on integrating NFT tokens into new games. The patent, discovered by the media, describes a digital content exchange system that will allow players to earn unique NFT rewards as they progress through games. In addition, players will be able to freely transfer these rewards between different digital games and even platforms.

The description in the patent indicates that Sony engineers are working on a system that allows players to transfer ownership of their tokens to other users. Thus, the principle of virtual NFT economies will be based on such algorithms.

It should be noted that registration of a patent is not a mandatory step towards its implementation. However, if the idea finds its way, it may lead to new opportunities for players and an increase in the number of service games on PlayStation consoles.

The integration of NFTs into games could also have a significant impact on the gaming industry as a whole. This could be a new tool for game developers to create more interesting and immersive game worlds, as well as increase revenue from digital content sales.

Although the patent has not yet been applied, the idea of ​​integrating NFTs into games looks promising and could lead to interesting changes in the gaming industry.

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Microsoft ended the $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer

4106754884 w640 h640 aktivatsiya xbox game

Microsoft has announced that it has ended its long-running $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer and is considering alternatives for new members. Under this offer, users could sign up for a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass for as little as $1, and after that first month, a regular Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription started at $14,99 per month.

In an official statement, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the end of this offer and added that the company is considering various marketing promotions for new members in the future. No further details about these possible new marketing promotions have been released yet.

Some experts believe the end of this long ordeal may be due to Microsoft's planned merger with Activision-Blizzard and the Redmond-based company preparing to add Activision-Blizzard games to its Xbox Game Pass library.

Earlier, the British regulator CMA conducted an investigation and concluded that the mega-deal between Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard would not hurt competition in the console market. Microsoft has also stated that it does not have the ability or incentive to make a CoD game exclusive to the Xbox platform.

Overall, Xbox Game Pass is one of the most popular game subscription services in the world, providing access to over 100 games on Xbox and PC consoles. It includes many exclusive games as well as games from third party publishers.

Microsoft is currently working on integrating Activision-Blizzard into its Xbox Game Pass library, which could lead to new games for users of the service. However, it is not yet known which specific games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass library and when this will happen.

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The Last of Us Part 1 preload on Steam

the last of us part i

The Last of Us Part 1 has started preloading on Steam, the game size is 74,97 gigabytes. In Turkey, Steam has one of the lowest prices among all countries - only 600 liras, but it is possible that after the release the price will rise. Preloading is currently not available on the Epic Games Store.

The 2013 remake of the game, available on PS5, will release on PC on March 28. Almost ten years have passed since the release of the original game, and fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

The Last of Us Part 1 is a survival horror game developed by Naughty Dog. It tells the story of Joel and Ellie as they travel through a world devastated by a zombie apocalypse, trying to survive and find a cure for an infection.

The release of the game on PC promises to be the event of the year for many players. On consoles, The Last of Us Part 1 has become a cult game that has received high critical acclaim and love from players. Many have been waiting for the opportunity to play it on PC, and now the moment has finally arrived.

The Last of Us Part 1 is now available for pre-order on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It's not long to wait - already on March 28, everyone will be able to plunge into the exciting story of Joel and Ellie, which will not leave any player indifferent.

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Action Dark and Darker removed from Steam due to accusations of stealing materials from Nexon

ss ceedfd7dc2ff35960d25c1f11df17fa2931800d1.1920x1080

The developers of Dark and Darker, Ironmace, are facing a problem with allegations of stealing material from Nexon Corporation. As a consequence, Dark and Darker has been removed from the Steam store. The developers explained that they received a warning letter and a DMCA strike from Nexon, which they believe is based on "misrepresented statements." Ironmace is currently working with a legal team to resolve this issue and bring the game back to the court. Previously, Nexon accused former employees of stealing code and other developments from the P3 project and introducing them into Dark and Darker. Faced with allegations, Ironmace's office was searched, but the cops found nothing incriminating. Dark and Darker gained a lot of popularity among the players and was the most popular demo at the February Games to Be Festival on Steam. Testing of the project, which was supposed to take place in April, may be canceled due to ongoing problems.

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UK Competition Authority Sees No Competitive Threats in Microsoft-Activision Blizzard Deal

Microsoft activisionblizzard

The UK Competition and Markets Authority has released new preliminary findings from the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal that experts do not believe the takeover will hurt competition in the console market.

Experts say that Microsoft will not benefit economically from making Activision games, including Call of Duty, Xbox exclusives. In addition, Microsoft has many financial incentives to promote projects on different platforms, including the PlayStation.

The chairman of the independent panel, Martin Coleman, said that after reviewing the additional evidence presented, they came to the preliminary conclusion that the merger would not significantly reduce competition in the video game console industry. The cost to Microsoft of keeping Call of Duty away from the PlayStation would be higher than any benefit from such a strategy.

Representatives from Microsoft and Activision Blizzard said they will continue to cooperate with the Office during the investigation of the deal. They believe the merger will benefit market competition, spur innovation and have a positive impact on consumers.

Piers Harding-Rolls, a leading gaming industry analyst at Ampere Analysis, believes the British expert is leaning towards approving the deal. He also noted that the recent agreements signed by Microsoft partially influenced the situation, but did not satisfy the expert's concerns regarding cloud services.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority will announce its final findings on April 26.

In general, the new preliminary conclusions of the UK expert are a positive signal for Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. This could be a step forward to close the deal and mitigate potential risks for the gaming console industry.

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Battlefield 2042 Gets Update 4.1.0 With New Weapons, Armor Plate Changes, and Chat Improvements

1200x627 battlefield 2042 serinin en kotusu 1638294841634

DICE has announced the imminent release of update 4.1.0 for Battlefield 2042, which will be available for download next week. The update will bring three new weapons to the game, changes to the armor plate system, and chat improvements.

One of the major updates is bringing three new weapons from Battlefield Portal into the main game. AEK 971, RPK-74M machine gun and MP443 pistol will become available to players. Also, the update will change the operation of the armor plates system - now they will protect only the torso area, and not the entire character. This will make the gameplay more realistic and balanced.

The chat will also be improved - the updated text chat design will appear in the game. Although there is no information about the general chat, work is underway. In addition, for installing gadgets in the occupied territory, they will give additional XP points, and for the resurrection in the zones of the Breakthrough flags, experience will also be awarded.

Players will also appreciate the sound improvements, especially in HDR mode. The update will also add a new mode and themed cosmetics to the game as part of the upcoming Leviathan Rising event.

In general, update 4.1.0 should make the gameplay more interesting and varied. The addition of new weapons and changes to the armor plate system will bring freshness to the game, while improvements to chat and experience for completing certain tasks will help make the gameplay more enjoyable and productive.

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CS:GO will get a new anti-cheat system VAC Live

counter strike

Closed testing of Counter-Strike 2 continues, and dataminers are tirelessly trying to extract as much information as possible from the updated version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. One of the users with the nickname Aquarius shared code snippets that indicate the implementation of a new anti-cheat system, based on which, if a player is found using prohibited programs during a match, the game will immediately end and a notification will appear on the screen.

Such a measure will be useful for players who will no longer be forced to endure in-game troubles caused by unscrupulous players. There will be no more need to suffer 30 minutes in a match against an obvious cheater, and avoid penalties for leaving the game prematurely. A similar system is already working in the popular shooter Valorant.

The new system appears to function like VAC Live, which is an extension of the already existing VAC system that is used to detect and ban cheaters. However, VAC Live will act in real time and quickly respond to the detection of prohibited programs in the game.

While this is testing, being able to respond quickly to cheaters should lead to a reduction in the number of cases of unfair play.

In general, this news of the CS:GO update should please the players, and, in our opinion, this measure should help in the fight against cheaters and make the gameplay more fair and enjoyable.

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AMD Introduces New FSR 3 FidelityFX Super Resolution Technology at GDC 2023 to Double Game Performance


AMD introduced a new third-generation FidelityFX Super Resolution technology called FSR 3 at GDC 2023. The new technology generates even more pixels in the current frame using interpolated frames, delivering a 2x performance improvement over the previous FSR XNUMX.

The main advantage of FSR 3 is that there will be at least one sample for each interpolated pixel and there will be no feedback loop as the interpolated frame will only be shown once. This ensures high quality interpolation and eliminates artifacts.

AMD uses Motion Vectors and AMD Fluid Motion to create interpolated frames, and good motion estimation is the key to successful interpolation. The company also uses additional internal information from FSR 2 to improve the quality of the generated images.

The FSR 2 and FSR 3 model rendering pipeline was presented at the GDC and showed that FSR 3 delivers even better performance and image quality than the previous version.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is an easy and convenient way to improve PC gaming performance. FSR 3 offers even more options for game developers, and we can expect them to start using this technology in their projects soon.

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