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CPU-Z leak reveals information about Intel Core processors Ultra

A recent leak in CPU-Z revealed information about the new names of Intel Core series processors Ultra. The flagship of the series will be Core Ultra 9K. This name differs from previous naming schemes and is reminiscent of the Core mobile processor Ultra 9 185H based on Meteor Lake-H.


Core Series Ultra includes six models divided into three categories: Core Ultra 9 285K and 275K, Core Ultra 7 265K and 255, as well as Core Ultra 5 245K and 240. It is important to note that the Arrow Lake line will not include Core series processors Ultra 3, although Intel may release Meteor Lake-based Core 3 models in the future.

It is known that Core Ultra The 9 285K will have 24 cores (8 performance and 16 efficiency) without hyperthreading support, resulting in 24 threads. Information about the number of cores in other models has not yet been confirmed.

Data about the Core series has also appeared Ultra 200V, where the highest model will be Core Ultra 9 288V. This information is confirmed by the latest updates to CPU-Z, which include changes related to new Intel processors.