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TSMC will raise prices for 3nm chips and packaging amid strong demand

TSMC is preparing to increase prices for its advanced 3nm semiconductor products. Prices for 3nm chips will rise by 5% and prices for advanced packaging will rise by 10-20% next year, according to a new China Times report.


TSMC occupies a leading position in the contract chip manufacturing industry, and the bulk of orders from large technology companies are sent to them. TSMC's well-known clients include Apple and NVIDIA. Recent rumors from Taiwan indicate high demand for 3nm products, leading to the need to increase capacity.

Earlier this month there were reports of a possible price increase, but new information provides more specific details. Sources said TSMC will increase its packaging capacity to 33,000 wafers per month by the third quarter of this year, nearly double the current capacity of 17,000 wafers.

About half of this power will be used for NVIDIA products, with AMD coming in second. Unlike smartphone processors ordered by Apple and Qualcomm, AI GPUs and accelerators from AMD and NVIDIA are more dependent on advanced packaging because they consume more power and require high performance.

Demand for 3nm products is expected to increase in the second half of this year. It is rumored that their production capacity will not be fully utilized until 2025-2026, and a similar situation is predicted for advanced packaging products.

NVIDIA plays a key role in the global transition to accelerated computing. The company's shares have posted triple-digit percentage gains over the past year as analysts and investors expect it to play a major role in the process. NVIDIA's AI chips are in high demand among major companies such as Microsoft, Meta and Tesla, which are competing for the latest GPUs to train their AI products.