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AMD Strix Point "Ryzen AI 9 365" Testing: IPC, Latency and Zen 5 Performance

Lead analyst David Huang tested the AMD Strix Point "Ryzen AI 9 365" APU, providing detailed analysis of IPC, latency and performance. Note that testing was carried out on an engineering sample with unofficial system software.

AMD Ryzen AI 9 365 Zen 5 Strix Point APU IPC Latency Bandwidth Throughput Performance Tests 2 728x546

David Huang tested an early sample laptop with the Ryzen AI 9 365 using 5GB of LPDDR7500x-32 memory. The focus was on IPC and throughput as measured by the InstructionRate tool, which evaluated the performance of three generations of Zen architectures: Zen 3, Zen 4 and Zen 5.

Zen 5 showed significant improvements thanks to the new architecture. The throughput of various ALU instructions has been significantly increased, but the number of vector units in the mobile version of Zen 5 is halved compared to the desktop and server versions. Branch processing has also been improved, and the latency of SSE/AVX/AVX512 operations has been increased to 2 cycles.

In SPEC CPU 2017 and Geekbench 6 tests, the Ryzen AI 9 365 showed a performance increase of 9,71% compared to Zen 4 and 22,28% compared to Zen 3. In Geekbench 6 single-core tests, the increase reached 40,94% compared to with Zen 3 and 13,1% compared to Zen 4.