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Sparkle Unveils New Intel Arc GPU Concepts

Sparkle is expanding its Intel Arc GPU family with new BTF, AIO, Hybrid and Hydro designs, as well as white PCB models. These innovative concepts will be used in the next generation of Battlemage graphics cards.


Sparkle, one of Intel's leading partners, continues to impress with its unique designs. At Computex 2024, the company revealed several new designs for the Intel Arc A770, including a BTF (Back To Future) model that uses a dedicated high-power interface on the PCB to connect directly to the motherboard, making cable management easier.

Additionally, Sparkle showcased three liquid cooling options for the A770: an AIO with a 240mm radiator, a hybrid air/liquid cooled model, and a Hydro solution from Bitspower. These high-end solutions are aimed at enthusiasts.

Also in development is a new model with a white PCB for the Intel Arc A770, which will be more expensive than the standard black version, but ideal for lovers of white PCs.

Sparkle is also preparing a concept model with a blower for the Arc A770 with a dual-slot design. These concepts are for the next generation of Arc Battlemage graphics cards, expected to release later this year.