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Samsung is preparing new SSDs: 990 EVO Plus and 9100 PRO with Gen5


Samsung has filed trademark applications for its upcoming SSDs: 990 EVO Plus and 9100 PRO. It is expected that these will be devices of the new generation Gen5.

Over the past year, Gen5 SSDs have achieved significant speeds exceeding 14.5 GB/s. However, Samsung, known for its storage innovations, has not yet released any new consumer models. The latest SSD to be introduced, the 990 PRO, is one of the fastest Gen4-based SSDs, delivering speeds of up to 7450 MB/s and featuring RGB lighting.

According to Sammobile, the new trademarks have been registered with KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service). There's no official word yet from Samsung about the specifications of the new SSDs, but the 990 EVO Plus is likely to be a more affordable solution similar to the 990 PRO but without DRAM. At the same time, the 9100 PRO could be the first Gen5 model for consumers.

Samsung will use its own Gen5 SSD controller, while most manufacturers use the Phison E26 controller. Gen5 SSDs offer double the read and write speeds of Gen4, but do not yet provide significant benefits in real-world use, and also require powerful cooling systems.

We expect Samsung's new Gen5 SSDs to be worth the money and meet consumer expectations.