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PlayStation 5 surpassed PS4 in sales, and Xbox Series X|S lost to Xbox One

Analytics agency Circana reported that since its release, the PlayStation 5 has sold 8% more than the PlayStation 4 over the same period of 43 months from release. At the same time, Xbox Series X|S was unable to surpass the results of Xbox One, whose sales were 13% higher. These data were published by Circana executive director Mat Piscatella on social media.

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According to rough estimates, by the beginning of June, 20,5 million PS5 and 14,51 million Xbox Series X|S had been sold in the United States. In May, PlayStation 5 occupied a leading position among the most popular gaming systems, both in terms of the number of units sold and in terms of revenue.

By comparison, Xbox Series X|S was the third-largest console sold in May, behind Nintendo Switch, but second in terms of sales revenue. Analysts also noted a significant drop in Nintendo Switch sales, down 30% year-over-year compared to 2023, when The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was released.

This data suggests that the PlayStation 5 is holding its own in the market, while the Xbox Series X|S is having difficulty matching the sales levels of its predecessor. The decline in Nintendo Switch sales is due to the lack of major releases like The Legend of Zelda to stimulate demand.

These results also reflect general trends in the US gaming market, where demand for new consoles remains strong despite competition and economic fluctuations. Analysts note that the PlayStation 5 continues to attract the attention of consumers with its exclusive games and powerful technical characteristics, which makes it attractive to a wide audience.