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NVIDIA launches only GeForce RTX 5090 in 2024 from the new "Blackwell" series

In 2024, NVIDIA will focus on releasing only the flagship GeForce RTX 5090 model from the expected "Blackwell" series. This move allows the company to more carefully manage production resources and respond to market demands, especially in light of the intense competition in the GPU segment. The limited release is also due to the need to sell off the remaining inventory from the previous RTX 40 series, which significantly affects the company's strategy.

GeForce RTX 5080

The GeForce RTX 5090 promises to be a significant step up from its predecessors, offering cutting-edge features and performance. When the "Blackwell" architecture is unveiled as part of the RTX 5090 launch, key features and innovations will be revealed that could potentially be applied to subsequent models in the series. This strategy allows NVIDIA not only to maintain its leading position in the market, but also to optimize its product line by focusing on high-margin AI GPUs, which are also based on the Blackwell architecture.

Source GameGPU.tech

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