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Former AMD ray tracing expert now works for Qualcomm to improve Adreno graphics


Paritosh Kulkarni, a former AMD ray tracing specialist, has moved to Qualcomm to improve DX12.2 support on Adreno GPUs. Qualcomm is looking to strengthen its position in the graphics market, especially with the popularity of its Snapdragon X Elite chips, which impress with their AI performance. However, in graphical terms, Adreno is still inferior to its competitors.

Kulkarni will work on creating new drivers for DXR and improving features such as ray tracing, network shaders, and performance graphics in DX12.2. This move should help Qualcomm reduce their schedule lag and make their products more competitive.

Qualcomm is currently facing challenges in GPU performance. Tests of the Snapdragon X Elite chip on the game "Control" showed just 40 FPS on low settings. This means that Adreno is not yet suitable for serious games, and Qualcomm still has a lot of work to do to improve the graphics.

With the arrival of Paritosh Kulkarni and his expertise in ray tracing, Qualcomm hopes to significantly improve its graphics ecosystem and make its products more attractive in the market.