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The Future of NVIDIA DLSS: AI will create textures and objects

Future versions of NVIDIA DLSS will be able to use AI to generate textures and objects, which could be a significant change in the gaming industry. In an interview with Moore Than Moore, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang shared his thoughts on the future of DLSS technologies.

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Currently, AI is used for neural graphics, generating pixels based on multiple input pixels (Super Resolution) and creating frames (Frame Generation). In the future, AI will be able to create textures and objects that, even if the quality is low, will be improved by AI. Moreover, AI will be able to generate characters in games, creating, for example, among six characters, two real ones and other long-term AI ones. Ultimately, AI will become the dominant technology, and NVIDIA is committed to making it available to a wide range of users.

According to Huang, games will be created using AI, there will be AI inside them, and even the PC will become an AI assistant using G-Assist. Users will be able to use their PC as an AI assistant for games. GeForce, the largest gaming brand in the world, continues to grow, and many of its products already include AI in one form or another.

While Huang didn't specify whether these features will be included in NVIDIA DLSS 4, it will be interesting to see what the new version of the technology will offer in addition to Super Resolution, Frame Generation and Ray Reconstruction introduced in previous versions. With the launch of the next generation of GPUs later this year, it may not be long before we see how AI will continue to impact the gaming world.