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AMD will release Ryzen "Zen 5" processors in August

Mini PC maker AOOSTAR has announced that AMD's next-generation Ryzen processors based on the Zen 5 architecture will be available in August 2024. AOOSTAR also plans to release the first mini PCs based on the new processors in October.


The new AMD Strix "Zen 5" processors will come in two variants: standard chips with 12 CPU cores and 16 RDNA 3+ graphics cores, and more powerful Strix Halo with 16 CPU cores and up to 40 graphics cores. These processors will receive significant improvements, including the new RDNA 3+ architecture and XDNA 2 AI NPU, delivering up to 45 TOPS.

The AM5 platform is already ready to support new processors with the latest AGESA BIOS updates from motherboard manufacturers. Some companies are already marking their boards as compatible with the Ryzen 9000 series, which confirms the imminent release of new products.

At Computex 2024, which will be held in a week, AMD is expected to unveil a lot of new products related to Zen 5. This event will attract the attention of many technology enthusiasts.

Thus, AMD continues to develop its line of processors, offering advanced technologies and high performance. We are waiting for the official announcement at Computex 2024 to learn more about upcoming new products.