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AMD unveils FidelityFX SDK update with FSR 3.1 support

AMD has announced the release of an update to its FidelityFX SDK that includes support for FSR 3.1. This update aims to improve performance with improved scaling and frame generation, which are now separated into two separate processes. Game developers are encouraged to integrate frame generation capabilities to ensure compatibility with various GPU manufacturers, including NVIDIA and Intel, along with AMD.


In the new version of FSR 3.1, the frame generation function is now separated from the scaling function. This allows frame generation to be used with any scaling solution, including third party solutions. Improvements have also been made to the quality of scaling, the number of artifacts has been reduced, and the convergence speed has been increased.

The SDK update also includes new API requirements, making integration easier for developers. Using these APIs and precompiled signed DLL functions allows developers to easily implement and update FSR technologies into their games without significant code changes.

AMD FidelityFX SDK 1.1 includes:

  • Frame generation is now separated from scaling
  • Zoom quality improvements and new features
  • AMD FidelityFX API Implementation
  • Graphics API support Vulkan

FSR 3.1 reduces ghosting, improves convergence speed, and reduces flicker. Frame synchronization has also been improved for FSR frame interpolation. SDK supports graphics API Vulkan, with some additional data requirements for frame generation.