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Why does a gaming computer need an SSD?

In disputes between those who believe SSD super-expensive excess and principled haters of hard drives, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Today we will figure out whether solid-state drives are actually of any use to gamers.

This is not to say that SSDs are unpopular in 2017 - they are included in the “factory” configuration of any new compact laptop and fit perfectly into a world where it is easier to find a file online than on an internal drive.

IMG 4273

Hard drives are not very fast, but familiar and capacious storage devices

For gamers, the reality looks different - the most spectacular and technically advanced games have to be launched only from local drives, and upgrading requires serious motivation. The “unique user experience” that advertising materials promise us, let’s be honest, is what gives us romantic dates, not the installation of new hardware. Therefore, we decided to put together all the advantages SSD in real life to decide in which case it is advisable to spend money on such drives. There are actually plenty of reasons:

Fast loading levels

This is the first and most important factor that distinguishes SSD from HDD. Games weigh 50 GB for a reason - from this data array, they constantly “throw” the necessary information from the drive into RAM. And with SSD Levels load faster. Moreover, the worse the game is optimized, the greater the difference between a hard drive and a solid-state drive.

hyperx 3k shogun

This “feature” mainly manifests itself in offline games, although skeptics will nod at the fact that in online battles with an SSD, after loading you need to wait for “slow” players and the countdown for the start of the round. But even in this case, the owners of computers with SSDs in the team will have time to discuss tactics while the rest watch the loading screen and make tea. In addition, for the HDD there are several windows of one game (the tough everyday life of gamers in MMORPGs) - torture and SSD carries such a load without problems.

BF 4 Load Time Chart

And don’t forget about mods, which are often “attached” to the engine through third-party libraries and scripts. That is, they are loaded into memory in a third-party, non-standard way. Hard drives really don’t like such “spontaneous activity,” but for solid-state drives there is no difference.

Stable FPS even at the limit of the computer's capabilities

SSD is very useful in games with large open world – no matter how much RAM and video memory there is in the PC, open-world From time to time it sends new sections of the map and all its contents to memory. And a solid-state drive with minimal delays in this matter is much more efficient than a mechanical hard drive, in which the reading head must move to the required “pancake” and read information from it. This is if HDD will not be “distracted” by vigorous activity Windows 10 in the background.

In addition, SSD compensates for the lack of RAM if the game turns out to be too voracious. Windows really likes to use the swap file for business or not, and many games even refuse to work without activation swap. And this one swap, let me remind you, takes gigabytes from the drive for itself in order to use this memory as RAM. In terms of speed of access to information, hard drives lose SSD by orders of magnitude, therefore, if with a solid-state drive the computer can run the game “I can’t”, then with a hard drive a slideshow awaits you.

Operating system without lags and slow mechanics

When the SSD capacity was at the level of flash drives, and the price was space, enthusiasts used them first as a cache for the OS, and a little later - as a separate medium for the system (in the case of PC gamers, Windows). And they did the right thing.

Because with SSD Windows stops “hiccupping” if you haven’t closed your browser before playing and social networks are updating something there. The PC will turn on much faster after you put the computer (and yourself) into sleep mode in the single player game. Will not start twitching while you have the game running Steam, if Origin or UPlay They will start downloading updates and patching installed games. Yes and the notorious

Bootrace boot times

System based SSD not only starts faster, but also works more stable in games

“Working with updates: 10% complete. Don't turn off your computer"

ends much faster than on a computer with a hard drive. Yes, these are little things, but they get on the nerves, and the nerve cells do not recover.

Silence and reliability

SSDs have no moving parts, so a computer with such drives does not crackle or “crunch” under load and is always quiet. With new technical processes of video cards and processors, it has become possible to build a silent gaming PC, and this is fully possible only with an SSD.


With no moving parts, an SSD is more reliable than a hard drive

You also need to take into account that old SSDs will save information where the HDD will lose it. After all, in old hard drives, memory sectors “die,” but in a completely worn-out SSD, the memory remains “alive” and simply goes into “read-only” mode. This means that you will be able to transfer the game progress of all games that cannot save saves to the “cloud” from the drive to the new SSD.

Which SSD to buy for a gaming computer?

There are a huge number of SSD manufacturers today and, what’s funny, there are also hard drive manufacturers among them! For example, WesternDigital, aka WD, have released SSDs of varying degrees of “coolness” just to suit the needs of those who decided to upgrade after many years of using computers exclusively with hard drives.


Wonderful are your works, Lord! WD now releases SSD

Moreover, the hierarchy remained the same as in the case of mechanical drives - "green", "blue" and "black" SSD for different tasks.

For example, the WDGreen – this is an inexpensive option for “I’d like to try it, do I need it?” SSD after the hard drive in general? Before donating SSD hundreds of gigabytes, it makes sense to take a drive with 120 GB of memory (WDS120G1G0A) and get a fast and “glitch-free” configuration with this configuration Windows and send to the remaining space a game in which you really want to speed up loading levels.


If you've always used a hard drive and don't know which one SSD take - start with the basic option WDGreen

For those who already know by heart what is the use of SSD in a gaming computer, and wants to get the “golden mean” between performance and price (pay extra for the red “gaming” case SSD you will always have time), it makes sense to purchase WDBlue with 250 GB of memory. (WDS250G1B0A). This is not yet the volume at which you can send all purchased games from Steam on SSDBut Windows with programs rarely takes up more than 30 GB, so the most demanding games on the drive’s speed have a lot of “lags” due to additional downloads WDBlue can make it work smoothly.

wd blue 1tb ssd full2 800x533 c

WDBlueSSD - fast SSD no overpayment for the “game nameplate”

Purchase SSD - this is not “chic”, but a way to get around the “bottleneck” in the form of mechanical hard drives where loading speed and stable fps in any working conditions.

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Posted by Zmey:

You can still have some fun. Install a thermal sensor to m2 pcie ssd with connection to pwm fanu. So that when the sensor shows a high tempo, the pwm fan starts spinning furiously, preventing it from throttling
It's better to take a sata ssd than trolling hardware, the difference in speed is only in the tests. And motherboard manufacturers still strive to stick an M.2 connector next to a hot video card.

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Posted by loony01:

ZMEY, what kind of people are sitting on an SSD for 45k? [url]http://www.citilink.ru/catalog/computers_and_notebooks/hdd/ssd_in/320936/[/url], many people have a computer that costs that much. Even in civilized countries where salaries are tens of times higher than ours, they prefer a ps4, which costs half as much as your 2tb ssd. It was we who started the fashion for a computer for half a ruble, which can barely handle 4(ku)))
In the so-called “civilized countries” spend a third of their salaries on housing and communal services, and a third on taxes and insurance. And fines for some kind of garbage are generally the size of a salary)) That’s why they can’t take a normal computer. If you look at the bourgeois forums, their configs are full of poverty, just like ours

This comment was made by the moderator on the site

Windows really likes to use the swap file for good or bad reasons, and many games even refuse to work without swap activation. And this same swap, let me remind you, takes gigabytes from the drive for itself in order to use this memory as RAM.
Delusional nonsense. Absolutely everything starts and works if there is enough RAM. Swap is a crutch for poor people with a small amount of RAM. And it doesn’t take any gigabytes, but takes exactly as much as you specify in the settings. I’m asking 0. It feels like the article was written for lamers, Windows is showing some kind of activity, downloading something there, patching it.. The advanced user doesn’t download anything without his knowledge and Windows is castrated, don’t spoil him. In general, my Windows disk never blinks, everything is cleaned, everything is cut, and properly configured.

This comment was made by the moderator on the site

What bothers me is that 1000 rewrite cycles for 3D QLC NAND are already called “increased wear resistance”

This comment was made by the moderator on the site

Posted by Zmey:

ABRAM-FROCKNEST-GOOGLE Listen to the insect, I have a question for you. If you guess right, you go to the rodent class. So, attention : "Why did you kill the fly?" I'm waiting for an answer.
Are you trying to be smart again?

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