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Crysis 2 (2011) retro - PC performance graphics benchmarks of Graphics Cards and Processors

The world has been rocked by a series of environmental disasters, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. The aliens returned with the firm intention of wiping people off the face of the earth, and at the same time they started from New York, where the invaders and a wave of revived nightmares gradually overwhelm the city and its inhabitants.

Just Cause 2 (2010) - retro GPU test

jc2 The reckless and desperate lone hero is back to shake up the rotten corrupt regime once again! After a brilliant job of establishing a "democratic" order, the real macho Rico Rodriguez decided to break away in full. Tequila, beaches, beauties in bikinis - what else does a tired but happy hero need? But there was no long vacation.

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) - retro GPU test

Grand Theft Auto IV The hero of the game is Niko Bellich, a native of Eastern Europe with a criminal past. At the invitation of his cousin, he comes to the American city of Liberty City, hoping to find a better life without crime and murder. Instead of calm everyday life on the ocean coast, Niko finds a lot of problems...

Mass Effect (2008) - retro GPU test

Mass Effect  The year is 2183. Mankind, having learned the secret of traveling with superluminal speed, has founded colonies in dozens of solar systems and is not going to stop there, intending to further expand the boundaries of its own possessions. However, people turned out to be far from the only highly developed civilization for millions of light years around...

Fallout 3 (2008) - retro GPU test

Test GPU-Retro-Fallout 3 War... War is always war, and never changes. At the end of the twenty-first century, the struggle for oil fields provoked a conflict between the US and China. The diplomatic dispute soon escalated into an armed confrontation between the two superpowers, which lasted a matter of hours.

Assassin's Creed (2008) - retro GPU test

Retro Assassins Creed Year 1191. From the blessed struggle for the liberation of the Holy Sepulcher, the Third Crusade turned into a personal feud between the leaders of the Christian and Muslim worlds. After taking the port of Acre, Richard the Lionheart prepares to inflict a final defeat on Saladin in the promised Jerusalem. 

World in Conflict (2007) - retro GPU test

World In Conflict West Germany, 1988, alternate reality. In order to avoid the impending collapse of the political system, Soviet troops begin an invasion of Europe. NATO military forces cannot provide support to the allies, as they are busy repelling a diversionary attack on the American continent.

Crysis (2007) - retro GPU test

Crysis Crysis is the game that hardly anyone has heard of. This project is a pretty good first-person shooter with a very significant difference, namely the graphic component, which was years ahead of its time and even wipes its nose with modern AA class games.