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Ripple Effect enhances the authenticity of the new Battlefield by hiring military veterans

Headed by Vincent Zampella, Ripple Effect has hired two military veterans through its Hire Our Heroes program to help bring more authenticity to the next Battlefield title. Madison Dougherty and Aaron Johnson have joined the team to work on the new project.


Madison Dougherty, a former platoon leader with the US Army's Third Infantry Division, completed a three-month internship with EA's Battlefield team and is now a product manager at Ripple Effect Studios. Aaron Johnson, a former Green Beret and small unit tactics instructor, has accepted the position of assistant game project manager.

Dougherty noted that she was able to provide the developers with valuable feedback on what realistic military aspects should look like, and also helped create a brief on military realism. Johnson added that after a long military career, he is glad to be equally enthusiastic about creating games.

At the moment, EA is not revealing details about the new Battlefield, except that employees from four studios are involved in development: DICE, Criterion Games, Motive Studio and Ripple Effect Studios.