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Development Cyberpunk 2077 completed, CD Projekt RED moves on to new projects

CD Projekt RED has officially completed development Cyberpunk 2077. All planned updates and patches have been released and the team has been transferred to other projects.

Cyberpunk 2077

According to the latest investor presentation, at the end of February the support team Cyberpunk 2077 consisted of 17 people who were involved in final improvements to the game. The April 30th chart shows the end of this support, which means the end of further development of the RPG.

The studio's next major project will be The Witcher 4, on which 407 employees are working. This project promises to be a significant step forward for the company, attracting the attention of a wide audience of fans of the franchise.

In parallel, 56 employees are planning the continuation Cyberpunk 2077, where players will be given the opportunity to influence the development of the plot, adding a new level of interactivity.

CD Projekt RED also plans to improve internal processes and introduce advanced technologies to improve the quality of future games. Active work on process optimization and technology is aimed at creating higher quality and innovative projects in the future.

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