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Preloading Diablo IV will start May 31

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Blizzard has revealed details about the launch of this long-awaited action RPG project Diablo IV. The developers have announced that the game will be available for preload as early as May 31 at 02:00 AM. This feature applies to all platforms and editions of the game. What's especially great is that Xbox owners will be able to download the game without having to purchase it. It will be enough to use the mobile application.

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In addition, the official start time was announced Diablo IV. For owners of the Deluxe and Ultimate editions of the game, early access will begin on June 2 at 02:00 am. And the launch of the standard edition Diablo IV scheduled for June 6 at 02:00 am. This is great news for everyone who is already looking forward to plunge into a dark and dangerous world. Diablo IV and embark on your heroic adventures.

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Blizzard also announced the availability of Drops on Twitch between June 5 and July 2. Stream viewers Diablo IV, will be able to get new cosmetic items every week. This is a great opportunity for fans not only to watch the gameplay, but also to acquire exclusive items that will give their heroes a special style.

Diablo IV is a game that is of great interest to gamers from all over the world, and Blizzard pays special attention to detail and the comfort of the gaming experience. With a preload on May 31st and an official launch in early June, fans can look forward to exciting and exciting adventures in this dark fantasy world. And don't forget to keep an eye on Twitch for the opportunity to get exclusive cosmetic items and make your hero truly unique.

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