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New leak reveals details about Monolith Productions' Wonder Woman game

Recently, concept art and the first details about the Wonder Woman game, developed by Monolith Productions, announced three years ago, appeared online. The information was leaked through an online marketing survey conducted by WB Games.

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In the game, you will play as Wonder Woman in a single-player action-adventure game. The powerful sorceress Circe invaded the Amazons' home island of Themiscyra, leading an army of Cyclops, Gorgons and other monsters. You, as the champion of the Amazons, have to return home and protect it from the invaders.

Players will be able to harness the power of the gods to deliver devastating blows and engage in fast-paced battles with the FreeFlow system and combos. You will have powerful weapons at your disposal, including the legendary Lasso of Truth.

The story will develop around establishing relationships with your mother, Queen Hippolyta, and your fellow Amazons, who consider you a traitor for leaving Themyscira. The game will feature iconic DC characters and procedurally generated allies and enemies who will remember your choices and actions.

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While exploring the open world of Themiscyra, players will meet mythical inhabitants from Greek mythology and will be able to fly around the entire island. Your task will be to stop Circe from destroying the home of the Amazons and gaining untold power.

The survey also mentions Wonder Woman's fighting moves, such as deflecting bullets with bracers, throwing tiaras, creating whirlwinds, and others. The game's villains will be predominantly female, such as Circe, Medusa, and Cheetah.

The game will retail for £69,99 and will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.