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Maximum speed with NVIDIA DLSS 3 in EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 with ray tracing and NVIDIA Reflex

Every week new games and announcements appear with NVIDIA DLSSNVIDIA SLR и ray tracing effects, but few of them are as breathtaking in their speed as EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 и Capes. Both games are coming out this week!

f1 DLSS 1

Use DLSS 3 to get frame rates as fast as your race car. On the track, you take on the role of one of 20 real drivers, whose goal is to win the Formula 1™ World Championship. On GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards, activating DLSS 3 doubles the frame rate at 4K resolution, allowing maximum settings for ray tracing effects and other parameters. At the same time, thanks to Reflex, you can corner with confidence like a true pro. And advanced graphics with ray tracing effects will help you fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of racing: cars, glass, water and other smooth surfaces will realistically reflect the world around you thanks to the high-performance RT cores of GeForce RTX video cards.

F1® 24 will be available to everyone on May 31st, but those who have purchased the exclusive digital Champions Edition or have an EA Play Pro subscription will be able to start playing on May 28th.

If you are attracted by superhuman speeds, then you should pay attention to Capes from Spitfire Interactive and Daedalic Entertainment. The game will be released on May 29. In this turn-based strategy game, you can create a team of heroes to fight the supervillains who have turned the game world into a dystopian nightmare. And don't forget to take advantage of DLSS 2 and DLAA - they will significantly improve graphics and performance on your GeForce RTX PC.

There will be even more new DLSS integrations coming next week. Check back regularly for reviews of new games with DLSS and RTXand go hereto see the full list of more than 500 games and applications with RTX support.

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