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LEGO Horizon Adventures presented at Nintendo Direct with first look at the Switch version

Sony held another showcase of the LEGO Horizon Adventures game after its announcement at the Summer Game Show 2024. This time, the adventure game was presented as part of the Nintendo Direct presentation, where a gameplay trailer was shown with a first look at the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

LEGO Horizon Adventures is an adaptation of the popular PlayStation franchise and promises exciting adventures in a unique LEGO style. The new trailer showed off key gameplay elements, including world exploration, puzzle solving, and character interaction. The game's bright and colorful style is eye-catching, and the Switch version promises to be just as fun as the versions on other platforms.

In addition, along with this, LEGO Horizon Adventures now has a Steam page. This means that PC players will also be able to enjoy the new game. The appearance of a page on Steam indicates high interest in the project and the willingness of the developers to offer it to a wide audience.

LEGO Horizon Adventures will be released at the end of the year on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC. The exact release date has not yet been announced, but we can already note a high level of anticipation and interest from players. The game promises to be a vibrant and memorable event in the world of video games, combining elements of classic adventures with a unique LEGO style.

At the moment, the developers are actively working on the final touches of the project to ensure maximum quality and convenience for users. The gameplay trailer presented at the Nintendo Direct received a lot of positive feedback and attracted even more attention to the game. LEGO Horizon Adventures is expected to be one of the most anticipated games of the year.