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AMD FSR 3 Frame Generation: A breakthrough in console gaming performance

Technology AMD FSR 3 Frame Generation promises significant improvements in performance and visual quality in console games. Experts Digital Foundry tested it in game Immortals of Aveum on Xbox Series X, noting a 72% increase in productivity. This technology provides smooth gameplay that visually resembles 120 FPS, especially in the 40-60 FPS range.

However, the current implementation of FSR 3 requires improvement. The game uses FSR 2 for upscaling, which results in some visual artifacts and issues in cutscenes. These problems manifest themselves in the form of short pauses and lack of smooth camera movements at high frame rates. However, these shortcomings do not affect the overall gameplay.

Particularly impressive is the performance of FSR 3 on the engine Unreal Engine 5, making it the first implementation on consoles and greatly increasing the potential for future games. This technology can significantly improve performance and visual quality in console games.

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