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Atomic Heart: Patch adds support for Ray Tracing

Atomic Heart received an update to version, which is already available on all platforms. One of the main innovations of this patch is support for Ray Tracing on PC. This feature, currently in beta, is available in three modes: performance, quality and balance.


For Ray Tracing to work correctly, a video card with DXR support and at least 12 GB of memory is required. It is important to note that when this feature is activated, the Fidelity FX Super Resolution setting is automatically disabled. In addition, when the mode is enabled, the player character will not be reflected in mirror surfaces.

Ray Tracing allows you to significantly improve the visual component of the game, adding more realistic shadows and reflections. This makes the gameplay more exciting and immersive, especially in atmospheric games like Atomic Heart.

In addition, the patch includes many other improvements and innovations. The developers have added new accessibility features such as color blind mode and special contrast modes. Various errors and bugs have also been fixed, and the overall stability of the game and sound have been improved.

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