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Heaven Benchmark DirectX 11

The generation of AMD graphics chips from the Evergreen family is already available to users in at least two price ranges - medium and high. The Radeon HD 5800 series in terms of performance differs significantly from the Radeon HD 5700 line, but at the same time, they have one common property - support for all functions from the DirectX 11 API set (more about this progressive API from Microsoft is described in our material). However, there is support, but there are still very few gaming applications that use DirectX 11. Of course, this is a matter of time, but I really want to look at the same hardware tessellation now.

Unigine Corp. announced the first benchmark with support for DirectX 11 - Heaven Benchmark. This software product to some extent poses a challenge to Futuremark, which has not yet presented its product for the new API. Heaven Benchmark is based on the Unigine engine, providing support for both DirectX 9/10/11 and OpenGL. Brief characteristics of the new product are as follows:

  • Benchmark mode;
  • Polygon display mode.
  • Using tessellation technology;
  • SSAO (Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion) algorithm;
  • The ability to take a walk through the virtual world of Heaven Benchmark;
  • Cloud generation occurs according to a new physically accurate algorithm.

Before proceeding directly to testing, we suggest using a few screenshots to get acquainted with the capabilities of tessellation technology.

Heaven Benchmark DirectX 11: first impressions

When tessellation is turned on, the picture becomes completely different. The first thing that catches your eye is the tiles. Moreover, not only has it become more voluminous, or rather, more realistic, it also casts a shadow correctly. The chimney has also been transformed, as has the brickwork. Overall, all looks much more believable.

Heaven Benchmark DirectX 11: first impressions

Another remarkable screenshot. Pay attention to the bolts. Now this is not just a texture, but an object. The corrugated hose looks new, and its shadow has changed its shape. The “correct” tiles are drawn in the background. And now a series of screenshots that will show how such beauty is achieved.

Heaven Benchmark DirectX 11: first impressions

The number of polygons with tessellation enabled is simply amazing.