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New AMD Ryzen 5 9600X Zen 5 hits retailers for $295

Retailers have started including AMD Ryzen 9000 "Zen 5" processors in their listings ahead of the official launch, and the latest to be added is the Ryzen 5 9600X. This processor is designed for the AM5 desktop platform and offers excellent price-performance ratio.

AMD Ryzen 5 9600X

The Ryzen 5 9600X is a 6-core Zen 5 processor with 12 threads, a boost frequency of up to 5,4 GHz, 38 MB of cache (L3+L2) and a TDP of 65 W. It is a good choice for those who want to upgrade their PC without spending a lot of money and get high performance in games and applications.

According to Deal Targets, the AMD Ryzen 5 9600X processor is priced at $295, which is $5 below the MSRP of the Ryzen 5 7600X. The retailer is also offering discounts for bulk buyers, with purchases of 10 to 19 units receiving a 2% discount, and purchases of 20 to 29 units receiving a 3% discount, bringing the price down to $286. There are only 11 units left in stock available for pickup in Markham.

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Crowdstrike failure caused global problems in Windows IT infrastructure

A recent Crowdstrike software update caused a global IT outage on Windows computers. Businesses around the world have faced significant challenges, causing significant disruption to a variety of sectors, including airlines, banking and telecommunications.


The outage started in Australia and quickly spread to other regions. Among the victims were companies such as Sky News and airline Ryanair, which publicly confirmed problems with their systems. In the US, the Federal Aviation Administration reported disruptions to major airlines such as Delta, United and American Airlines. In India, almost all airlines including Vistara, IndiGo, SpiceJet and Akasa Air are facing technical issues affecting bookings, check-ins and flight updates.

Crowdstrike quickly identified the cause of the outage and released an update to fix it. However, many machines remained in a recovery state, requiring manual intervention to fully restore functionality. IT administrators around the world are trying to implement workarounds, such as booting computers in safe mode and deleting certain system files.

This incident highlighted the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to software failures and the need for reliable backup and recovery mechanisms. Security experts urge users to temporarily disable automatic updates and stay tuned for new patches from Crowdstrike.

The situation has generated significant buzz on social media, with users sharing photos and reports of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issues on their computers. Some users have suggested temporary solutions to restore system functionality.

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ACER reveals new AMD Radeon RX 7000 "RDNA 3" without XT modifications

ACER has revealed plans to release new AMD Radeon RX 7000 "RDNA 3" graphics cards in non-XT versions, including the RX 7900, RX 7800 and RX 7700. These models were seen in ACER's recent filing with the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission), which caused interest in the industry, since AMD has not officially announced these cards.

The appearance of new graphics cards from ACER came as a surprise, given that the company recently entered the DIY GPU market. However, with its unique cooling systems such as the Predator Bifrost, ACER quickly gained recognition. Previously, there were rumors about the release of a custom RX 7900 XTX model, but the latest filing shows that the company is focusing on other models.

ACER AMD Radeon RX 7000

Interestingly, the application to the EEC includes not only already known models, but also unannounced versions of the Radeon RX 7000 without XT. This may indicate that AMD is planning to expand its line of video cards, or ACER is preparing for future releases, hedging its bets with patents.

Also, Seasonic's application mentioned video cards RX 7700, RX 7990 XTX, 7950 XTX and 7500 XT, which were also not confirmed by AMD. This increases speculation about possible future releases and the company's plans to update existing models.

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PlayStation 5 Pro launches in November 2024

Sony is not delaying the release of the powerful PlayStation 5 Pro console until 2025. It is expected in the second half of November 2024. This was reported by well-known insider Tom Henderson.

"I received internal documentation about Sony's plans to release the PlayStation 5 Pro last summer. 95% of what I write is usually based on specific documents, and currently no documents indicate a delay or cancellation of the PlayStation 5 Pro," he explained .

Henderson has been saying for over a year that the PlayStation 5 Pro will be released this fall. However, in recent correspondence with players, he raised the possibility of a transfer, which attracted a lot of attention. In a new post on Insider Gaming, Henderson explained that some sources are doubting the console's 2024 launch due to PlayStation Studios' "modest" game lineup for the second half of the year, which only includes Concord, LEGO Horizon Adventures, Astro Bot and the Until Dawn remaster. .

However, internal data shows that there are no plans for a postponement, so we can expect an announcement in September. “PlayStation has not yet officially confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 5 Pro, but developers have long received development kits and are working hard on games for the console,” Henderson assured.

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NVIDIA Moves GPU Cores to Open Source in R560 Update

NVIDIA continues the path it began in 2022 to replace proprietary GPU cores with open source alternatives. Although this is not a full open source GPU driver, just a kernel driver, the move is important for the company. Closed source code may result in discontinuation of support for legacy hardware. A full open source driver stack is not part of NVIDIA's plans, but the company has decided to open up the cores of its GPUs to GeForce and workstations.

hpc featured

In the two years since going open source for Linux GPUs, NVIDIA claims that their open kernel is as fast as a closed kernel, and sometimes even faster. New features such as heterogeneous memory management (HMM), confidential computing, and coherent memory architectures of the Grace architecture have been added.

NVIDIA plans to completely switch to open GPU kernel modules with the release of R560 drivers. An open GPU core is supported and required by Grace Hopper and Blackwell, while new architectures such as Turing, Ampere, Ada and Hopper give users choice. Unfortunately, open source kernels are not supported on Maxwell, Pascal and Volta.

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New AMD Radeon 880M with RDNA 3.5 shows performance gains

AMD introduced new Radeon AI 300 series GPUs, including the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 with 16 RDNA3 compute units and the Radeon AI 9 365 with 12 units. According to ASUS, the Radeon 880M, equipped with 12 compute units, is 15% faster than its predecessor Radeon 780M and almost matches the performance of the RTX 3050 Laptop at TGP 40W.

880M RDNA35

At the Zen5 Tech Day presentation, AMD stated that the Radeon 890M provides a 19-32% performance increase over the Radeon 780M at the same power consumption level. These data refer to the 16-block version, but the 12-block Radeon 880M is already showing a significant increase.

AMD's RDNA 3.5 architecture improves low-power performance, allowing laptops to handle popular games without dedicated graphics. Similar improvements are expected in handheld gaming devices such as the Strix Point APU.

Along with RDNA 3.5, the new Radeon 800M series gains a 100 MHz increase in GPU clock speed and support for faster LPDDR5X memory, which improves overall graphics performance.

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AMD Ryzen 9 9950X delivers outstanding performance while consuming over 300W

The AMD Ryzen 9 9950X, the flagship Zen 5 desktop processor, was tested in PPT mode. These tests show that it beats the Intel 14900KS by 12% in Cinebench tests.

AMD Ryzen 9 9950X 16 Core Zen 5 Desktop CPU PPT Unlimited

The test results were published by Anandtech forum member Igor_kavinski, who previously demonstrated the capabilities of this processor in Blender and Cinebench at various TDP levels. In new testing, the Ryzen 9 9950X processor was tested to its maximum power.

The AMD Ryzen 9 9950X processor, identified as "100-000001277", includes two Zen 5 CCDs and one IOD. It has 16 cores and 32 threads with a base frequency of 4.3 GHz and a maximum frequency of up to 5.7 GHz. The processor is equipped with 80 MB cache (64 MB L3 and 16 MB L2) and has a TDP of 170W. It's important to note that while its top frequency is the same as the Ryzen 9 7950X, the base frequency is slightly lowered at 200 MHz, indicating improved power efficiency, especially in multi-threaded tasks.

In tests, the Ryzen 9 9950X processor consumed more than 300W, but thanks to a powerful water cooling system, its temperature did not exceed 80°C. This demonstrates its ability to maintain high performance even under extreme loads.

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Intel raised the maximum temperature TJMax for Arrow Lake and Panther Lake processors to 105 degrees

Intel has increased the maximum junction temperature (TJMax) for its upcoming Arrow Lake and Panther Lake processors to 105 degrees Celsius. This information came from blogger Jaykihn, who gained access to samples of the new processors and documents.

Arrow Lake

Typically, Intel processors such as Alder Lake and Raptor Lake have a TJMax of 100 degrees Celsius. The same will apply to the next generation Lunar Lake processors. However, Core processors Ultra (codenamed Meteor Lake) TJMax is set at 105 or 110 degrees Celsius depending on the version. The same will happen with Arrow Lake and Panther Lake.

TJMax refers to the maximum temperature the processor can reach before internal thermal controllers are activated to reduce power and limit temperatures, which can result in performance loss. System integrators should design systems so that the processor does not exceed this threshold under high loads to maximize performance. Increasing TJMax to 105 degrees could mean that Intel is confident that its silicon will withstand such temperatures without degradation, which is a positive thing.

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Microsoft introduced a limited edition Xbox Series X in collaboration with Marvel

Microsoft has announced the release of an exclusive version of the Xbox Series X console, developed in partnership with Marvel to promote the film Deadpool and Wolverine. The main feature is the gamepads, which have received a unique and fun upgrade - the back side of the joysticks is now equipped with buttocks. Microsoft says the design was created by Deadpool himself, adding a touch of humor and originality.

30fef1 photo 2024 07 17 16 23 09

The console and two fancy controllers will be given away on social media, giving fans the chance to win this limited-edition version. The move highlights Microsoft's creativity and willingness to experiment with its product designs.

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Epic Games has released instructions for troubleshooting problems with Intel Core i9 processors

Epic Games has published a guide to solving instability problemsassociated with Intel Core i9-13900K/KF/KS and Core i9-14900K/KF/KS processors, which cause frequent crashes in games. This step was taken after complaints from the developers of Path of Titans and Warframe, who recommended switching to AMD processors due to problems with Intel products.


The situation with unstable operation of 14th and 13th generation Intel Core processors continues to worsen. The Warframe developers presented their crash statistics and talked about their personal experience of dealing with the unstable operation of Core processors. Now Epic Games, which is experiencing numerous crashes on consumer PCs with Intel processors, has responded. In their guide, Epic Games suggests enabling Intel Fail Safe mode in SVID settings for ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI motherboards. This recommendation is intended to improve processor stability, although it may result in some performance degradation.

Epic Games also recommends updating the UEFI firmware to the latest version, which Warframe developers say has helped their employees get rid of crashes on problematic PCs. The instructions from Epic Games appeared amid complaints from Path of Titans developers who advised players to switch to AMD processors.

Obviously, the instability of Intel processors affects their reputation, especially among the professionals and enthusiasts who use these models. However, Epic Games continues to work to improve the performance and stability of its games on Intel platforms.

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