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No Man's Sky breaks records: update 5.0 attracted a record number of players

The studio Hello Games, using the example of its space simulator No Man's Sky, showed that even the most hopeless game can be saved. From the most scandalous and disastrous release, the project turned into the most popular representative of the genre. With each update, many players return to the game, and the latest update 5.0 set the record for activity over the past five years.


In the update, the developers added many new technologies for generating planets and opportunities for players. The game now has more variety with additional effects, creatures, and more. This is just the first part of a massive update, and it was enough to set a new record for player activity.

No Man's Sky typically has around 20 players, according to Steam. With the release of Worlds Part I, this number more than doubled, reaching 48,821 concurrent players. This is the highest figure since 2019, when the game had about 60 thousand users. The latest patch may break this record, and even if it does not, the next updates, the release of which is just around the corner, may do so.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 could be coming to Xbox Game Pass this week

Call Of Duty MW3 2023

There have been rumors for several weeks about the addition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to the Xbox Game Pass library, but there has been no official confirmation from Microsoft yet. Informant eXtas1stv reports that according to reliable sources, the game will be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog this Wednesday, July 24.

“You guessed it, but now I can 100% confirm that MW3 will appear on Game Pass on PC and consoles on July 24th (not in the cloud),” wrote eXtas1stv.

Last year's game in the series received mixed reviews and many players skipped it. Now they can catch up with a Microsoft subscription. An official announcement from Microsoft is expected in the coming days.

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The historical aspect of Assassin's Creed Shadows is controversial: Is Yasuke a real samurai or a myth?

Assassin's Creed Shadows has been at the center of controversy due to the story of its protagonist Yasuke, a dark-skinned samurai who served Oda Nobunaga. Doubts have arisen about the historical authenticity of this character, and it has been revealed that many aspects of his story may be a hoax.

chyornyj samuraj v assassin s creed shadows skanda

Japanese historian Yu Hirayama claims that Yasuke was indeed a samurai, but his claims have drawn criticism. Some active Internet users believe that Hirayama is a publicist promoting his work, possibly connected to BlackRock Corporation through investments. These users see his speeches as an attempt at self-promotion.


Skepticism also stems from Yasuke's lack of a surname, which is usually a marker of samurai status. However, supporters argue that this does not disqualify him from being a samurai. The debate surrounding the character's historical accuracy continues to heat up.

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Microsoft responded to FTC complaint about price increases for Xbox Game Pass


The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently filed a complaint with the Court of Appeals regarding Microsoft's recent price increase for Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.. The FTC argues that the price increases constitute a harm to consumers, which was previously alleged in the context of the Activision Blizzard merger. Microsoft responded by saying the FTC's statement was false and misleading.

Microsoft has introduced a new tier of service, Game Pass Standard, for $14,99 per month, which includes back catalog games and multiplayer features. Game Pass for Console, which does not have multiplayer, will be discontinued. Game Pass Ultimate will increase in price and add new games available on a daily basis, including Call of Duty.

Microsoft has criticized the FTC's theory about preventing the release of Call of Duty on Sony consoles. The company pointed out that the district court rejected that argument, and the contract guaranteeing Call of Duty's availability on PlayStation undermined it further. Microsoft also said that the supposed subscription market is unfounded as Call of Duty remains available for everyone.

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Digital Extremes presented a trailer for the 1999 expansion for Warframe at TennoCon 2024

At TennoCon 2024, Digital studio Extremes published a new trailer for the large-scale addition 1999 for the shareware action game Warframe and conducted an extended gameplay demonstration. The events of the add-on take place in 1999 on an alternative Earth. At the center of the story will be Arthur Nightingale (call sign "Excalibur") - the leader of the HEX group, whose members are in the process of transforming into the first Warframes.

The add-on is inspired by 90s Eastern Europe and the Y2K problem. Players will be able to perform stunts on motorcycles and develop romantic relationships with their teammates. The developers admitted that one of the sources of inspiration was their old project Dark Sector.

Warframe: 1999 is scheduled for release in the fall of 2024. The story will begin in the August update, which will open access to the prologue quest “Lotus Eaters”.

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Ubisoft is investing heavily in promoting Star Wars Outlaws ahead of the game's release

Ubisoft is increasing its marketing investment to promote Star Wars Outlaws, aiming to make the game one of the biggest hits of the year. The company devotes a significant portion of its budget to advertising campaigns, organizing large-scale previews for the press and content creators. This company's largest event included a gameplay demo showing the freedom and diversity of planets.


These marketing efforts are part of Ubisoft's broader strategy to maintain relevance and engagement in its games in the face of fierce competition. The company is confident that Star Wars Outlaws, scheduled for release on August 30, will not only meet but exceed the expectations of gamers and reviewers.

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FTC files new lawsuit against Microsoft over Xbox Game Pass price hikes

Last week, on July 10, Microsoft announced it was raising the price of its Xbox Game Pass subscription and introducing a new pricing plan that would not offer the latest games on release day. This was the reason for filing a new lawsuit against Microsoft from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which actively fought against the deal with Activision Blizzard.

xbox v ftc

The FTC argues that Microsoft exhibited the behavior that the commission wanted to prevent by blocking the acquisition. The commission says removing high-value games from the new service and raising prices for existing users harms consumers.

Microsoft hasn't promised not to raise the cost of Game Pass after the merger, and Phil Spencer has previously said a hike is imminent. The company says the new subscription offers more features, such as online gaming, and that the price increase is justified by an increase in games from internal studios.

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Crytek announced a major update to Hunt: Showdown, transition to CryEngine 5.11

Crytek studio is preparing a large-scale update for the cooperative competitive shooter Hunt: Showdown. The game will be transferred to the new CryEngine 5.11 engine and added with the subtitle 1896. A small teaser of the updated version was published by the authors on social networks.


The update will be released on August 15, 2024 and will only be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Owners of outdated PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles will not be able to access the content. With the release of the update, the cost of the base game in some regions will be reduced by 30%, although some additions may become more expensive.

CryEngine 5.11 will bring significant improvements, including support for DirectX 12, HDR, physically based rendering (PBR), improved anti-aliasing and voxel-based global illumination (SVOGI). Animations, artificial intelligence, and physics controls will also be improved, providing more realistic and immersive game worlds.

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Concord's open beta started this week, but player interest remains low

This week the open beta phase of Concord from Firewalk studio began. The shooter is scheduled to release on PC and PlayStation 5 on August 20, and the developers are actively conducting beta tests to improve the game before the official launch.


Last week was dedicated to a closed stage for users who pre-ordered the game. However, audience interest turned out to be so weak that Sony decided to open access to testing for PS Plus subscribers. Despite these measures, the peak online figure on Steam was less than 1130 people, and the average level of activity remained around 600-700 players.

The situation hasn't improved significantly since the open beta began. According to the SteamDB portal, the new Concord testing phase peaked at just 2388 people, after which there was a significant decline in activity.

These results may cause concern among developers given the upcoming official release. Let's hope that Firewalk and Sony can take the necessary steps to improve the situation and attract more players by the time the game releases.

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Ubisoft responded to accusations of downgrading Star Wars Outlaws graphics

The gaming community accused Ubisoft of downgrading graphics after publishing a 10-minute video demonstrating Star Wars Outlaws gameplay on July 17. The video caused a storm of negative emotions, criticizing Ubisoft for deteriorating graphics, stupid AI and mediocre special effects. The video currently has just over 9 thumbs up and almost 17 thumbs down.

In response to player dissatisfaction and calls to postpone the release, Ubisoft CFO Frederic Duguay said that the game has already gone gold and will be released on August 30. He also noted that more quality content and gameplay will soon be introduced, demonstrating the depth of the game's open world.

Duguay did not specify why Ubisoft decided to postpone the show of high-quality gameplay and beautiful graphics until later, but assured that the game will offer good graphics, large locations and smart AI.

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