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Review of AOC U2790PQU – a monitor for professionals

Taiwanese company Admiral Overseas Corporation, better known as simply AOC, has long been considered a manufacturer of inexpensive and simple office monitors. However, times are changing and in recent years this brand has become increasingly respected among consumers from a variety of groups.

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AOC AGON AG272FCX6 curved monitor review

The hero of our review belongs to the category of 27-inch models. This diagonal is large enough, but not so large that individual pixels are too clearly visible. Perfectionists will still be unhappy, but they are much more likely to prefer a 4K solution...

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Review of the AOC AG273QCG monitor

Many users associate the Taiwanese company AOC exclusively with inexpensive monitors for office use. But in fact, the manufacturer has enough models that can interest a real gamer with demands much higher than average.

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