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Mass Effect 2 - PC performance graphics benchmarks of Graphics Cards

 English version


Year: 2010
RPG / 3D / 3rd Person
Electronic Arts
Publisher in Russia:
Electronic Arts

System requirements for maximum rendering quality recommended by the gameGPU website:

The minimum

Operating system: Vista®, Windows 7
Processor: 2 Core Duo 2.16 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200
RAM: 1.5 GB 
Video card: DirectX®9 compatible video adapter with 256 MB RAM Radeon HD 2900 Pro or GeForce GT 220
12 GB free space


Operating system: Vista®, Windows 7
2 Core Duo 2,33 GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 245
2 GB
Video card:
DirectX®9 compatible video adapter with 256 MB RAM Radeon HD 5670 or GeForce 8800GS 
12 GB free space


Operating system: Vista®, Windows 7
Processor: 2 Core Duo 3.0 GHz or AMD Phenom II x2 550
RAM: 2 GB 
Video card: DirectX®9 compatible video adapter with 512 MB RAM Radeon HD 3870 or GeForce 9800GT
12 GB free space

Official description of the game

The second part of the epic Mass Effect saga takes place two years after the events of the original game. The plot begins with the intrigue of the disappearance of human colonies - solving this mystery leads to new space adventures. The developers have improved almost every element of the game: from graphics and animation to the combat model and artificial intelligence.


In particular, they paid close attention to the secondary planets that the hero can explore on the way to the main goal. In the original Mass Effect they were downright boring, but now the situation has changed.

Review: Playability

More than two years have passed since the release of the first part of this trilogy. Although the developers have since promised to leave our saves from the first part, the operating system does not last that long for avid gamers... So basically you will have to start everything from scratch. The main character is still Sheppard, who again has the chance to stand at the head of this story and is again ready to lead his troops into battle.


So what did the developers give us in Mass Effect 2? The plot remains the same - we are saving the universe from global destruction, which is being prepared by unknown attackers. We fly around the planets, complete quests and get to the bottom of the truth. The constant feeling of tension from an unknown threat is still the trump card of this product. But unlike the first part, the developers decided to do everything more: more dialogues, more planets, more quests and most importantly, more shootouts. So with this game you simply won’t get bored and suffer from inactivity.


We invite you to watch part of the video of the first mission of Mass Effect 2, where you can see for yourself the quality of this product:


There were so many explosions, running around and all sorts of movement that the game turned from a science-fiction saga into a Hollywood blockbuster. Sometimes there are so many actions happening around that your head is spinning.


The developers did a little magic with the controls, sharpened and polished them, so that now playing Mass Effect has become much more comfortable and enjoyable - fans of this series are unlikely to be disappointed.

Review: Game Graphics

The game graphics in Mass Effect 2 remain as good as ever. The picture looks pretty decent, and unlike the first part, the game uses Unreal Engine 3.5. This version of Unreal Engine has added an Ambient occlusion post-processing filter that improves shadows and lighting. The number of processed characters in the frame has been increased. Dynamic water surface technology has been reworked to a new level, soft body physics and destructible environments have also been significantly improved.


It’s immediately clear that the developers took the design of their brainchild quite seriously and tried to bring Mass Effect 2 closer to the cinematic standard. Game video inserts, facial expressions of characters, etc. are simply amazing and arouse admiration.


From the graphical side, Mass Effect 2 looks quite good, and then we will try to figure out what is required from your video system for a comfortable and smooth game.

Review: Resource-intensive game

To play Mass Effect 2, you will need a dual-core Core 2 Duo 2,33 GHz processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM.. Despite some internal update of the game engine Unreal Engine is still a very democratic product.


All video cards were tested at maximum graphics quality using Fraps. in the most resource-intensive place in the game.


Our video cards are tested generally in all different types of screens and you can evaluate how your video card behaves relative to other modern solutions in almost all different types of gaming screens. All video cards were tested with maximum quality graphics settings.

Testing at maximum quality settings 1024x768


Testing at maximum quality settings 1280x1024


Testing at maximum quality settings 1680x1050


Testing at maximum quality settings 1920x1080


 The game has an internal limit of 60 FPS, so you won’t be able to jump above this level. Well, what can we say - Unreal Engine 3,5 is a little heavier compared to its younger brother Unreal Engine 3, but still not very critical. The minimum you will be comfortable playing on is the GT 220 or HD 2900 Pro. For HD resolutions, a 9800 GT or HD3870 will be sufficient. Video cards of the same price niches from two opposing developers are almost neck and neck, so the final choice here remains with the end user.

Conclusion: Mass Effect 2 is a great gift for fans of the series. And the good quality of workmanship and small, by modern standards, requirements for a video system make it a must-have purchase.


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