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ABZU - PC performance graphics benchmarks of Graphics Cards


 AbzuGame Win64 Shipping 2016 08 03 14 04 20 391

Year of construction: 2016
Publisher505 Games
developer: GIANT SQUID
Genres: Quest · Open world

abzu sys 

Explore the dark depths of the ocean that have frightened sailors for centuries! The developers from Giant Squid Studios will help you in your endeavors by recreating a stunning underwater world with all the flora and fauna that convince everyone of its plausibility! 


This subsection of our review highlights the main graphical aspects of this game. Particular attention is paid to the version of the graphics engine used, the version of the API used, graphic settings and the quality of development of the main visual aspects.


ABZU is supported by major Windows operating systems, which include Windows Windows 7 and Windows 8/10. 


The priority and main graphics API for the PC version is DirectX 9/11. 


ABZU is based on the Unreal Engine 4 game engine, developed and supported by Epic Games. This is the first game created on this engine and should simply amaze everyone with its stunning graphics. Judging by the screenshots, the developers would quite praise the previous versions of the engine, because... In the horror genre, the picture is not in the foreground. It is important to establish artificial intelligence, called the Director, which influences the gameplay by adapting to the level of players and changing game parameters.


Thanks to his work, each playthrough of the game is unique and inimitable, which increases the replay value of the game. The first game created on the engine, Unreal, appeared in 1998. Since then, various versions of this game engine have been used in more than a hundred games, including Deus Ex, Dishonored, Lineage II, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Postal 2, the Brothers in Arms series, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, as well as in the famous game series Unreal and Unreal Tournament from Epic Games themselves. Being primarily adapted for first-person shooters, the engine was also used to create games of other genres.  

Written in the high-level language C++, the Unreal Engine 4 allows you to create games for most operating systems and platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Mac OS X, Xbox consoles, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Wii, Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube. In December, Mark Rein demonstrated the work of the Unreal Engine 3 on the iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS. In March 2010, the engine was demonstrated on the Palm Pre communicator, based on the webOS mobile platform.

AbzuGame Win64 Shipping 2016 08 03 14 22 32 514

To simplify porting, the engine uses a modular system of dependent components: supports various rendering systems (Direct3D, OpenGL, Pixomatic; previously supported Glide API, S3 Metal, PowerVR SGL), audio playback (EAX, OpenAL, DirectSound3D; previously supported A3D), voice playback tools text, speech recognition (only for Xbox360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Windows, also planned for Linux and Mac), modules for working with the network and support for various input devices.

Windows Live, Xbox Live, and GameSpy technologies are supported for online play, including up to 64 players (clients) simultaneously. Despite the fact that the development tools do not officially include support for a large number of clients on one server, the engine has been used to create MMORPG games. One of the most famous representatives of the genre, Lineage II, uses the Unreal Engine. 


ABZU has a very modest range of graphic settings, apparently the priority of development for PS4 plays a role.

AbzuGame Win64 Shipping 2016 08 03 14 04 27 366

Below we have provided screenshots of the game at various graphics settings, where our readers can see the difference between the minimum and maximum graphics quality settings. 


The difference between the minimum and maximum settings is not determined and the question arises that the graphics settings for the game do not matter. This can also be seen in terms of performance - no changes.



The graphics in the ABZU game are far from technologically advanced, but thanks to the bright design solutions of its developers, it is perceived as very vibrant, colorful and incredible...

Next, we will move directly to gaming tests and determine what impact this game has on modern computer hardware.   


Test configuration
test stands

Test bench No. 1 based on the Intel Socket 2011 platformv3

Test bench No. 2 based on the Intel Socket 2011 platform

Test bench No. 3 based on the Intel Socket 1155 platform

Test bench No. 4 based on the AMD Soket AM3+ platform

Test bench No. 5 based on the Intel Socket 1150 platform

Multimedia equipment Monitor ASUS PQ321QE  
Software configuration
Operating system Windows 10 Pro
Graphics driver

Nvidia GeForce/ION Driver Release 368.81

AMD Radeon Crimson Edition 16.7.3

Monitoring program

MSI Afterburner v4.2


All video cards were tested at maximum graphics quality using the Action! program. The purpose of the test is to determine how video cards from different manufacturers behave under the same conditions. Below is a video of the test segment:

Our video cards were tested at different screen sizes of 1920x1080, 2560x1600 and 3840x2160 with maximum graphics quality settings. AMD CrossFireX and SLI are not supported by the game. 


AbzuGame Win64 Shipping 2016 08 03 14 04 27 366

Testing at very high quality settings 1920x1080  

abzu 1920 

With these settings, video cards of the Radeon R7 370 or GeForce GTX 750 Ti level showed an acceptable FPS. The optimal solutions will be video cards level Radeon HD 7950 or GeForce GTX 760.


AbzuGame Win64 Shipping 2016 08 03 14 04 30 693

Testing at very high quality settings 2560x1440

abzu 2560 

With these settings, video cards of the Radeon HD 7950 or GeForce GTX 770 level showed an acceptable FPS. The optimal solutions will be video cards level Radeon R9 280X or GeForce GTX 960.


AbzuGame Win64 Shipping 2016 08 03 14 04 32 913 

Testing at very high quality settings 3840x2160

abzu 3840 

With these settings, an acceptable FPS indicator was shown by video cards of the level Radeon R9 290X or GeForce GTX 780 Ti. The optimal solutions will be video cards level Radeon R9 Fury X or GeForce GTX 980.



Testing of video memory consumed by the game was carried out by the program MSI Afterburner. The indicator was based on results on top video cards from AMD and NVIDIA with separate screen sizes 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 with different anti-aliasing settings.

Testing at maximum memory GPU quality settings

abzu vram 

The recommended amount of video memory usage for a resolution of 1920x1080 will be 1536 MB of video memory, for a resolution of 2560x1440 - 2048 MB of video memory and for a resolution of 3840x2160 about 3076 MB of video memory. 


AbzuGame Win64 Shipping 2016 08 03 14 04 27 366

We tested processor dependence on 16 models of basic configurations that are relevant today. The test was carried out in those places where the value of video cards for the game is minimal and its load was less than 99%, this time at a resolution of 1920x1080.

Testing at maximum quality settings 1920x1080 

abzu proz 

The processor performance in the game is sufficient for all models.

Loading of processor coresat maximum quality settings 1920x1080 Intel% 

abzu intel 

Loading of processor cores at maximum quality settings 1920x1080 AMD% 

abzu amd 

ABZU uses up to 16 threads, but effectively uses only 6 cores.



The test was carried out on the basic configuration of Core i 7 5960X@4.6 GHz with 32 GB DDR4 2400 MGz pre-installed memory. The entire used operational memory was taken as an indicator. The RAM test on the entire system was carried out on various test benches without launching third-party applications (browsers, etc.).

Testing the game's RAM consumption at various quality settings 

abzu ram 

As we can see, with various quality settings, the amount of RAM consumed in ABZU is within 1500 megabytes.

Testing system RAM consumption  

abzu ram2 

If you have a system with 6 gigabytes, ABZU consumes all 3.6 gigabytes of RAM. In the presence of a system with 8 gigabytes, the RAM consumption of all RAM was 4.2 gigabytes. With a 16 GB system, the total memory consumption was almost 4.4 gigabytes. And with 32 gigabytes of RAM, the system consumes 4.7 gigabytes of RAM.  


AMD Seasonic 40 years logo nvidia


GBT 02 



 Evaluation test 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 87% [60 vote(s)]

Graphics rating  1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 28% [84 vote(s)]

Optimization  1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 21% [92 vote(s)]


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This comment was made by the moderator on the site

vector0rvisually quite pleasant, but there are complaints about optimization, which IMHO are very justified. But I didn’t start with it, but burst into Just Cause 3. Somehow it was greeted coldly because of Denuvo, but for me it’s still the game of the year, no joke, along with X-com :-) And an example of how needs to be optimized, at 1070 even in QHD fps 60+NikitaSales are a different story; I stock up on them myself from time to time. But it’s still not 2-4 thousand per game: lol: And the reviews are like this... For someone it doesn’t start on the 450GTS - it instantly becomes shit. Or part of the holivar. Remember how Lara was scolded by AMD fans and Quantum fans by Nvidia. In the end, both games are great (IMHO), but with optimization in both, it’s so-so, to put it mildly

This comment was made by the moderator on the site

It's finished. Bye-bye, damned Denuvo, you burn in hell [url]http://megashara.com/blogs/post/23214/hakery_iz_conspiracy_polnotsenno_vzlomali_zashchitu_denuvo.html[/url] I checked it on Lara, everything works, now you don’t even need to launch Steam, it’s a full-fledged crack.

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In principle, it will do for a cartoon graphic - colorful. there are a lot of fish, the protsyk is tense, we urgently need DH 12 there, otherwise the draws are not the same. 6700 is just divine :lol: I still needed 2x Denuvo in the game for 300r [url]http://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B35ErqE-QtMFMmNBaXNVd1JQdHM&;export=download[/url] By the way, laughter is laughter, but there are beautiful things in the game - a sort of visualization effect like in players. The animation is ok too. It’s not clear what the author wanted to say with this game? :-? you float to the music deafly and blindly, voice acting with captions is not needed at all, it’s not there. What? For what?

This comment was made by the moderator on the site

Asda, and I can’t play all the games that I bought blindly (at a sale with a huge discount), because I don’t like them, despite a lot of positive reviews.

This comment was made by the moderator on the site

AsdaI take it when it’s clear from the first videos that it’s mine and will work 100%. Otherwise I agree, I did the same too.

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