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About 3dfx


Reason for termination of activity: Bankruptcy, acquisition by NVIDIA
Completion date: 2002
Successor: NVIDIA
Founded: 1994
Location: United States of America, San Jose, California
Key figures: Ross Smith
Industry: Video cards
Products: Voodoo series of video cards 

3dfx Interactive is a Californian company specializing in the production of graphics processors and video cards. After dominating the market in the late 1990s, the company went bankrupt in 2000 and was acquired by NVIDIA.

Chronology of video adapter releases:

October 1996 - release of her first video cards Voodoo Graphics;

April 1997 - Voodoo Rush;

January 1998 - Voodoo2;

October 1998 - Banshee;

February 1999 - Voodoo3 1000;

April 1999 - Voodoo3 2000;

July 1999 - Voodoo3 3500;

June 2000 - Voodoo 4 4500;

October 2000 - 3dfx released their latest graphics card, the Voodoo 5 5500.