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TSMC is preparing for a Chinese attack on Taiwan

In the new issue of Iron News, Artline store specialists discuss the security measures that chip manufacturer TSMC is taking in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. According to US forecasts, such an invasion could occur in 2027. In this regard, TSMC is ready to remotely disable extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines made by the Netherlands company ASML to prevent their use in the event of a conflict.

The video begins with the introduction of a new product from Lian Li, which is sure to attract the attention of computer hardware enthusiasts. Next, we discuss Nvidia's impressive financial results, which earned $26 billion in the quarter, and the announcement of the new RTX 4050 series graphics cards in the M2 form factor.

Particular attention is paid to the new product from AyaNeo - an external graphics card that promises to be a great addition for mobile gamers. The new product from Intel was also not ignored - the Falcon Shores processor, which consumes an impressive 1500 W, but in return offers unsurpassed performance.

The video also discusses mini-PCs from Qualcomm and a new gaming platform from PlayStation, which, according to experts, will become a real hit on the market. A pleasant surprise for viewers was the new trailer for the Ukrainian game SAND, which is already arousing great interest among gamers.

The main theme of the video was, of course, TSMC's security measures in case of a Chinese attack on Taiwan. In the context of growing tension in the region, such measures seem more than justified. The video also mentions innovations in monitors, including a 4K model with a 1000 Hz refresh rate, and a new motherboard with support for CAMM2 DDR5 memory.

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