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RYZEN 9000 does not live up to expectations! | Iron news

The US plans to tighten restrictions on China's access to advanced technologies of GAA (Gate-All-Around) chips and high-speed HBM (High Bandwidth Memory). These measures include restrictions on hardware used for data-intensive computing and artificial intelligence. US authorities consider previous sanctions insufficient, so new measures will affect both the microcircuits themselves and the technologies for their production. GAA technologies are already used by industry leaders such as Samsung, Intel and TSMC, and HBM is a key component of computing and artificial intelligence accelerators.

It is also worth noting that MediaTek is actively developing its own single-chip system, which could significantly affect the mobile processor market. At this time, ASRock introduced its new compact desktop PC model DeskMate X600, which promises high performance in a small form factor.

However, not all the news is encouraging. AMD introduced its new Ryzen 9000 series processors, but unfortunately they couldn't beat or even equal the previous Ryzen 7000X3D series. In tests, the AMD Ryzen 5 9600X processor didn't perform as impressively as expected, especially when compared to its competitors.

Meanwhile, Nvidia is preparing to release Blackwell chips, and Microsoft is working on a new version of the Xbox Series X. Among other new products, it is also worth noting an SSD with a record speed of up to 14,5 GB/s, which will be a real breakthrough for data storage.

And finally, gamers can rejoice in the new trailer for STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl, which promises an exciting story and improved graphics.

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