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RTX 5090 will be small and have two fans

Today, Artline experts present a brief overview of the main news in the world of technology regarding AMD, RTX 5090, neural computers and news from the State of Play.

This episode discusses highlights such as the announcement of a new game Drive Unlimited Solar Crown review, which promises immersive gameplay and stunning graphics.

Further, Samsung announced a new 1 nm process technology, which will be a significant step forward in the field of microelectronics and will allow the creation of even more powerful and efficient processors.

AMD Ryzen 9000 showed a 19% improvement in performance compared to previous generations, making it one of the most anticipated products of this year.

Concerning GeForce RTX 5090, it became known that the new video card will have compact dimensions and will be equipped with just two fans, which ensures effective cooling under high loads.

It also became known that the processors AMD Zen5 will be released this summer, which adds even more anticipation among tech enthusiasts.

A breakthrough also occurred in the world of science and technology: the world's first bioprocessor was introduced, which opens new horizons in the field of neurocomputers and artificial intelligence.

At the end of the video, news from the latest episode is discussed State of Play, where new games and updates were presented that aroused great interest among gamers around the world.

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