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Small PCs for work | Nettops Artline Business B12, B12 Silent and B14


These small devices are ideal for a variety of applications, from office to industrial. Each of them is equipped with reliable components and impresses with its functionality. Let's look at the details of each model and find out which one is right for your use.

Nettop Artline Business B12 is an excellent choice for office tasks. It has a powerful processor and enough RAM to work smoothly with documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Thanks to its compact size, this nettop can be easily placed on your desktop without taking up much space.

The Business B12 Silent model is suitable for those who value silence while working. It is equipped with a fanless cooling system, which ensures complete silence during operation. It is an ideal choice for libraries, educational institutions and other places where peace and quiet is important.

The Artline Business B14 nettop is another compact but powerful device that is suitable for more demanding tasks. It is equipped with a more powerful processor and more RAM, which allows you to perform complex tasks and work with heavy programs.

Each of these nettops has its own unique advantages and can become a reliable assistant in your work. The choice depends on your needs and requirements for performance and silence. Thanks to their compact size and high functionality, the Artline Business B12, B12 Silent and B14 nettops can significantly increase your productivity without taking up much space on your desktop.