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Reviewing Hellblade 2 is no easy feat. On the one hand, the game is one of the first created on Unreal Engine 5, which provided it with fantastic graphics. The visual effects and detail of the world are truly impressive, creating a unique atmosphere and complete immersion in the gameplay.

However, on the other hand, Hellblade 2 does not boast exciting gameplay. Many players note that the game loses momentum and repeats many aspects of the first part without offering significant innovations. The combat system remains fairly simple and gets boring quickly, and the puzzles and world exploration don't add any variety.

What do we get for 6 hours of play? In addition to psychosis and emotional turmoil, players may feel that Hellblade 2 did not sufficiently develop the ideas that were laid down in the first part. Despite the excellent graphics and atmosphere, the game is inferior to the first part in many aspects, leaving a feeling of incompleteness and a desire for something more.

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