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GHOST OF TSUSHIMA - Another disappointment from Sony?

In this video, Artline specialists discuss the recent release of the game Ghost of Tsushima on PC and are considering whether it lived up to players' expectations. Once exclusive to PlayStation consoles, the game is now available to a wider audience, but is it a delight or a disappointment?

The video begins with a discussion of Sony's tendency to release its exclusive games on other platforms, which causes mixed feelings among fans. Next, experts analyze the combat system Ghost of Tsushima, noting its realism and complexity. They discuss how easy it is for players to master the samurai fighting style and feel like real warriors.

The game promises not only exciting battles, but also immersion in a dramatic plot that unfolds against the backdrop of the Mongol invasion of the island of Tsushima. Artline experts take a detailed look at plot twists and character development, highlighting how the game skillfully combines historical accuracy with fiction.

Particular attention is paid to the visual design of the game. The beauty of Japanese landscapes, the realistic surroundings and attention to detail create a unique atmosphere. Activities such as side missions and exploration add depth to the gameplay, allowing players to become fully immersed in the game's world.

However, it was not without criticism. The video raises questions about some of the game's shortcomings, such as technical issues and poor game mechanics. One of the most discussed problems was the missing sound, which is especially annoying on the PC version.

In conclusion, Artline experts sum up the game's pros and cons and help viewers decide whether it's worth their time Ghost of Tsushima and whether it can live up to the expectations of lovers of samurai stories.

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