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Gameplay STALKER 2 | Analysis of the new trailer


Trailer STALKER 2 "Hour of Possibility" It came out just a few hours ago, and Artline specialists have already managed to make a detailed analysis of it! In this video you will find out which locations were shown, which characters appeared and which factions will stand in your way.

In the trailer we see many new and familiar locations that amaze with their atmosphere and detail. Abandoned factories, dense forests, mysterious laboratories and ruins of old buildings - all this creates a unique atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world, where danger awaits at every turn.

Particular attention is paid to new characters and factions that are found in the game. The trailer featured both old acquaintances and new faces who play key roles in the plot. Groups such as "Duty", "Freedom" and "Mercenaries" are returning to fight for their interests in the Zone.

Artline specialists analyze the scenes shown in detail, paying attention to little details that may escape the attention of the average viewer. From discussing new weapons and anomalies to exploring the Zone map, this breakdown gives a complete look at what to expect from STALKER 2.

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