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How to choose a video card for games?

How to choose a video card for games when using maximum settings? Many users are most concerned about this issue. Note that each game is individual and for each specific game you need to choose, of course, a specific video card. To a greater extent, the answer to this question will be given to you by our updated GPU / CPU tests, which will fully answer you to this question. For this, in our finding we are looking for a game you are interested in with an added prefix - PC performance graphics benchmarks of Graphics Cards and Processors:


Next, we move on to testing and stop at the first paragraph of the tests, which in the graph has a subtitle GPU test:


Initially, the chart displays one resolution of 1920x1080, which is the most popular. Resolutions 2560x14400 and 3840x2160 are manually selected by the user separately:


By default, the graphics display all video cards that take part in testing this game. But they can be individually selected and removed from the list, adjusting the schedule to your taste:


Now back to determining the appropriate graphics card performance qualities for a game:


If the average FPS of a video card is less than 25 frames, it is grayed out in the graph (example in the graph - GEFORCE GTX 750 Ti), which means that it is absolutely not suitable for this game. The second indicator is the minimum FPS, and if it is less than 25 frames, but the video card itself gives an average of 25 frames in the game (an example in the graphics is GEFORCE GTX 780), then this video card is the maximum minimum level for the game, but it will not bring tangible gaming comfort. If the video card has a minimum FPS of at least 25, then it is more or less suitable for a smooth game without critical frame drops (for example, in graphics - GEFORCE GTX 780 Ti). Well, the optimal solution for the game will be the video card that, on average, will provide a smooth average frame rate in the region of 60 frames (for example, in graphics, GEFORCE GTX 1080).

Well, the last, important factor is what kind of processor you have, and whether it is suitable for the full disclosure of video cards:


To do this, select the tested processor from the list, which you have, or is closer to yours in terms of characteristics, as a result of which it is compared with the performance data of video cards. As a result, we can see if it reveals the necessary video card, or if you can opt for a less productive video card model, which, by the way, is also more affordable. 

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