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Review of AOC U2790PQU – a monitor for professionals

Taiwanese company Admiral Overseas Corporation, better known as simply AOC, has long been considered a manufacturer of inexpensive and simple office monitors. However, times are changing and in recent years this brand has become increasingly respected among consumers from a variety of groups. Thus, the company has already established itself in the gaming monitor market and is now confidently “gaining momentum” in the field of professional solutions.

In the case of gaming models, Full HD resolution is usually sufficient and response speed is important. Professional models require higher resolution (4K is already becoming the standard) and the highest quality color rendition. Separately, we should also mention good ergonomics, coupled with a full set of connectors. The AOC U2790PQU model meets all these criteria.

AOC U2790PQU 1


The hero of our review has a strict frameless design; all possible “decorations” would look simply strange here. There are no “newfangled” curves here, the screen is flat and matte.

The manufacturer paid a lot of attention to the stand, which provides the screen with all the necessary degrees of mobility - the lifting height and tilt angle can be changed within a fairly wide range, and it is possible to change the orientation from landscape to portrait. At the same time, the stand itself is made to match the screen - simple, but solid. It is quite heavy, which guarantees stability (the total weight of the monitor with stand is 6,5 kg). It is possible to hang the device on the wall.

AOC U2790PQU 2 AOC U2790PQU 3


The screen has a resolution of 4K or 3840x2160 pixels (163 ppi, aspect ratio - 16:9) with a diagonal of 27 inches. It uses an IPS matrix with WLED backlighting and good color reproduction (color bit depth - 10 bits/channel) and a response time of 5 ms (from gray to gray). High-quality factory calibration will eliminate the need to tinker with additional settings, which will be especially useful for inexperienced users.

The AOC U2790PQU is a good choice for graphics or video work. This model will satisfy many professional users, not to mention beginners. And such a monitor is quite suitable for multimedia entertainment, although this area is not a priority for it.

AOC U2790PQU 4

Among the additional functions, there is Flicker-Free - a technology that is designed to reduce screen flickering caused by turning the backlight LEDs on and off. Although it is not noticeable, it can still cause additional eye fatigue. The presence of Flicker-Free allows you to increase comfort when working with the monitor. The monitor is also equipped with a Low Blue Light function, which reduces the intensity of short-wave blue light, thereby protecting eye health.


As for the connectors, there is room on the rear panel for one HDMI 1.4, one HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort 1.2. The developers also provided two USB 3.0 connectors that support fast charging. Of the additional connectors, there is only a 3,5 mm audio output. Thus, everything you need is present here; a set of connectors will be enough for most cases.

The only thing that can cause slight annoyance is the placement of the USB, which the manufacturer placed on the rear panel; it will not always be convenient to reach them. It would be more interesting and convenient if these connectors were on the side. But this is more of a nitpick.


In the best traditions of the manufacturer, this model is equipped with stereo speakers of 2 W each. This is more than enough for voice calls or video conferencing, which is what they will mainly be used for.

AOC U2790PQU 5

Despite the fact that it is intended for professional users, the monitor falls into the mid-price category. By definition, there is no overpayment for a “loud” brand; the user receives a good device according to attractive price. The monitor comes with HDMI and DP cables (included items may vary depending on region).

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From all of the above, we can conclude that if you are looking for a high-quality monitor for working with multimedia content, are not a fan of any well-known manufacturer and have not yet decided on a model, then it makes sense to take a closer look at the AOC U2790PQU. Good image quality, thoughtful design, and attractive price make this model a worthy player in the professional solutions market. It’s not for nothing that on the model’s description page the manufacturer proudly displays a number of awards it has received.

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