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Monitor AOC Q27T1 – a solution for true aesthetes

The new monitor model from AOC can be called a very successful example of what happens if designers from a world-famous agency are involved in the creation of computer equipment.

The monitor comes in fairly ordinary packaging, which only adds to the wow factor when it's unpacked. AOC clearly set out to create a solution that would stand out sharply against the background of “simple rectangles”, which include most modern monitors. For this reason, the world-famous design studio FA Porsche was entrusted with the design. The result was more than worthy.

Q27T1 1

A distinctive feature of the monitor is its asymmetrical and non-removable stand, made of metal and silver in color. The result is a very stable and excellent looking structure. By the way, the total weight of the monitor is 3,78 kg, despite its size it seems surprisingly light.

The only drawback of this design solution is that the screen has only one degree of mobility - it can only be tilted back and forth. It is simply impossible to turn or raise higher or lower. However, for most users this will be more than enough.

Also, the non-removable stand means there is no way to hang the monitor on the wall. But such design solutions are created precisely to stand on the table and provide aesthetic pleasure. After all, the stand here is an integral part of the entire composition; remove it and you will end up with that same “ordinary rectangle”, which the creators clearly wanted to avoid.

Q27T1 2 Q27T1 3

But you shouldn’t think that the whole design is limited to just one stand. Interesting ideas also include the location of the connectors on the rear panel. All of them are collected in one place, located obliquely and covered with a special removable plate, which also collects them into a single bundle. Beautiful, comfortable and practical. There is nothing else on the back, made of matte black plastic.

The very thin frames around the screen also deserve special mention, thanks to which it becomes possible to install several monitors next to each other, creating a large workspace.


The monitor is equipped with a screen with a diagonal of 27 inches - this size is gradually becoming a kind of standard and displacing the 24 inches that have already become so familiar to many users. It is based on an IPS matrix with a resolution of 2K (2560×1440 pixels, QHD) and a response time of 5 ms.

Q27T1 4

Briefly about the image quality, we can say that it is excellent. Good color rendition, excellent viewing angles. Even users with significantly higher than average requests will be satisfied.

Also noteworthy is support for AMD's Freesync technology and LowBlue mode, designed to reduce strain on the user's eyes.

Connectors and equipment

The set of connectors in this model does not stand out in anything unusual; one might even say that it is standard for models of this level. Users will find here two HDMI 1.4, one DisplayPort 1.2, a 3,5 mm headphone jack and a connector for connecting the power cable. That is, everything necessary is present, sufficient for the vast majority of cases. Although, it is possible that some users will be disappointed by the lack of a USB hub. It was clearly abandoned for the sake of design.

The monitor comes with an external power supply with a power cable, HDMI and DisplayPort cables, as well as a disk with software, which seems like a clear anachronism. A nice addition is the presence of black plastic cable ties.

Q27T1 5


AOC Q27T1 is a monitor that is well suited for both home and office use. It is very beautiful and will fit well into almost any environment. At the same time, high image quality is ensured, which makes it possible to use this solution for professional activities in the field of working with graphics.

This model can be safely recommended to anyone who is not looking for any special technical bells and whistles, but wants to get a really, really beautiful solution. By the way, despite its attractive appearance, this monitor cannot be called very expensive. However, AOC has always been famous for its thoughtful pricing policy.

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The design of the leg is very questionable, to put it mildly. And where is DVI?