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AOC 27B2H – inexpensive monitor for home or office

The Taiwanese company AOC International began its activities back in 1967, as a subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited (TPV). The brand's very first products were inexpensive color TVs. Well, when personal computers began their victorious march around the world, the company also began producing monitors, and later finally switched to producing these products.

Initially, AOC monitors were exclusively related to office solutions, inexpensive, reliable, but at the same time frankly simple. However, the manufacturer did not stand still, constantly introducing new technologies and expanding the model range. Today AOC is capable of producing very interesting and advanced solutions aimed at designers and gamers. However, the “office” direction was not abandoned and the range of products also includes affordable models characterized by a good ratio of cost and capabilities. AOC 27B2H is one of them.

 AOC 27B2H 1

The hero of our review has a diagonal of 27 inches and the now familiar Full HD resolution. It is based on an IPS matrix, which guarantees good color reproduction. The refresh rate is 7ms (gray to gray), but that's more than enough for most tasks. Gamers, by definition, will prefer a more advanced model. The brightness here is 250 cd/m2, and the static contrast is 1:000. Refresh rate – 1 Hz.

The manufacturer especially emphasizes the presence of FlickerFree technology, which allows reducing eye strain during long-term work. The presence of the LowBlue mode means that in low light conditions the radiation in the blue part of the spectrum will decrease. It is also believed to be good for eyesight.

 AOC 27B2H 2

The monitor is installed on a very simple but stable stand that does not allow you to raise or lower the screen or rotate it. For most cases this will be more than enough. If desired, you can hang the monitor on the wall; there is support for the Vesa 100x100 standard.

The design of the monitor is also distinguished by its simplicity; there is nothing superfluous here at all, a simple, strict rectangle. But the screen has very thin frames. This means that you can use several monitors at once, making up a single wide screen.

 AOC 27B2H 3

The set of connectors on the rear panel is minimal; there are only the essentials. Users will find here HDMI 1,4 and the completely outdated, but unwilling to give up VGA, which can still be found on many inexpensive computers. There is also a standard 3,5mm headphone output.

 AOC 27B2H 4 

To summarize all of the above, we emphasize that the AOC 27B2H is an inexpensive but well-balanced model. This is an excellent solution for not too demanding users who want to purchase a monitor with high-quality images and a large diagonal, suitable for all-day use, as well as multimedia entertainment. This solution is perfect for both home and office use.

AOC 27B2H 5

This monitor can also be used, for example, as a replacement for a TV to connect to a media player or game console.

By the way, at the same time as this model, the manufacturer also presented two similar ones with smaller diagonals - 22B2H (21,5 inches) and 24B2XH (23,8 inches). All other characteristics, as well as their appearance, are identical to the 27B2H model we reviewed. So if 27 inches is too much for you, then pay attention to these solutions.

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For a Full HD monitor, install D-Sub, but not DVI... And Full HD at 27" is too pixelated.
What percentage of sRGB coverage?